from Jose Vilson’s blog –

Do they not understand how well I want them to do on this thing? What am I saying? Do I even care about this stupid test? Is it really a measure of what they’ve learned this year or what they wanted them to learn and not learn? What if they were only one digit off? Do they have to conform to the state’s thinking to be good students? Good learners? Good people?

How harshly will they get judged by their superiors? By their parents? By their future high schools? Will they still feel OK about themselves as students after everyone keeps predicting that everyone won’t do very well?

Resigned to the idea that I can’t do much else from here, I wait for the deluge of news about this test, the inevitable errors, the omissions, the consternation from parents, the collective shaking of heads up and down New York State, the news reports from experts and professors talking about what teachers ought to do or haven’t done or can’t do or won’t do, and the hope that everyone would just shut the fuck up.

I’m trying to teach math here. All this other nonsense makes things harder to resolve.

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